Our Founder

A small town girl birthed in Boston, nurtured in the UK, blossomed in Grace, Determined to change the lives of women everywhere.

Hey there, Gorgeous! Thank you for visiting The Workroom.

My name is Ahfeeyah C. Thomas and I am the Founder of The Workroom. I am excited for this moment & space in time where women can create, connect and collaborate in so many amazing ways. We are defying the odds, storming the boardrooms and redefining our power.

 Women are my passion. I am a Feminist and supporter of ALL things women, and I am pretty sure you are too. 

My background is in professional and business development. I've worked over the last 10 years as a Career Coach & Business Strategist, helping individuals create their success plan. About 4 years ago, I answered my call to exclusively serve women and I have never been happier. 

The Workroom is my love child and a place where women can find the support they need. More than real estate, we are investors in people, in women. I hope you'll find your home with us and help us to continue building a world where, All men and WOMEN are created equal!