3 Reasons Women Should Work Together

Women owned businesses are growing at an alarming rate yet resources for women seem to continue to grow thinner and thinner. Women report that access to capital, resources and support is almost impossible therefore leaving the entrepreneurial journey often times than not, lonely and cold.

The increasing need for community and support for women entrepreneurs and professionals alike has caused a wave of online facebook groups and meetups throughout major cities however one component is still missing in many of these arenas. The missing piece is women actually collaborating instead of competing.

Progress cannot be made amongst women and beyond if we simply miss the most key and vital piece to community and that is actually working together and here’s why:

  1. Women Lead Better - Statistics have shown that women simply lead better. For many years women have been ridiculed for their need to be sensitive and caring however recent studies revealed that companies with women leaders have increased productivity, results and revenue. The fact of the matter a woman’s touch is often times what a company needs to up their game. Despite this fact, Fortune reported in 2018 that only 24 women were CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. As of January 2019, women represent only 24 percent of Congress and 23 percent of the Senate. We can go for days with statistics but the fact remains that if women fail to work together we then fail to elevate our communities and companies because they lack the representation needed to make informed decisions and changes that change the lives of women.

  2. My Sister’s Keeper - Accountability being one of the next major points after representation and the need for more within our community is equally important as any point we’ll discuss. Women working together allows for intentional conversation and dialog around issues that women face and help us to inform our communities as a united front. Have you ever been to an event or a group and there was a woman there speaking about how catty women groups are or better yet putting other women down for no reason at all? I have to admit its crossed my mind to knock a few of them out for the sake of my sanity. You think to yourself why the heck are you even here? The truth is she just like you is looking for a space and community where she can feel supported but maybe she’s been hurt in the past or maybe she’s been brainwashed and misinformed by society that women can’t come together or when they do bad things happen. I learned to love women like this and hold them accountable to speak well of other women and make a decision to reinforce positive images of women. in fact women have always been supportive of each other in most communities. They band together to help each other as single mothers, wives and churches. Where we begin to see differences is often times in corporate and business arenas where women are ridiculed for how they simply and naturally are. We try to be aggressive and try to compete although it would be more natural to simply lend a helping hand. Accountability allows us to create a sisterhood that together can affect change. '

  3. We Get Sh*t Done - When women are inspired and come together magical things happen. We become ambassadors for our favorite product and tell everyone we know. We hear about a sale and share it with every contact in our phones and dare not let one of our little cubs be in need of anything our husbands we reuse to their aid. Well, the same is and can be applied in business. When women pull together and become allies we will and can get things done.