The Workroom is a creative and collaborative workspace + community for women in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Whether you’re a freelancer, startup with a growing team or work remotely, The Workroom was created with you in mind.


It began with humble beginnings...

The Workroom started like most businesses at a local coffee shop, panera bread + starbucks location.

Writing ideas + concepts on a napkin, scheduling meetings around the clock with like minded entrepreneurs collaborating + brainstorming. Preparing for our next big meeting.

"It was in the very moment that I realized the power of collaboration + accountability that I knew The Workroom was more than just a meeting more than just a meet-up. It was the stomping ground of all entrepreneurs."|

-Ahfeeyah Thomas

Founded by award-winning Business + Brand Strategist, Ahfeeyah C. Thomas in 2019.

The Workroom is a collective + collaborative culture of women supporting women and creating wealth together. 

Our story goes all the way back to the basics. That's right, the coffee shop, Panera Bread days. At The Workroom, we call these the "hunger & passion days". All true entrepreneurs know exactly what we mean. Our Founder, would often times invite friends and fellow entrepreneurs to join her, with their laptops at her home, or local coffee shop and simply work the day away, with like-minds & accountability. 

Each participant of the "work session", would start out by stating their goals and what they were working on and hoped to accomplish by the end of the session. Ahfeeyah, during these sessions, often times found herself coaching her family, friends & colleagues. After all she is a coach. 

It was there the vision was birthed. Ahfeeyah knew that without her work session partners, as a single mother, daughter, student, full-time Harvard HR professional, board member of several organizations, active member in her church (the list truly goes on, but you get the point), without these partners and the accountability they offered, she would be doomed. 

Ahfeeyah, also realized that as a female entrepreneur time was limited and time spent on business had to be as productive as possible. Her gift to help guide women using her years of coaching experience, was invaluable and an asset to her network. 


Our Founder

A small town girl birthed in Boston, nurtured in the UK, blossomed in Grace, Determined to change the lives of women everywhere.

Hey there, Gorgeous! Thank you for visiting The Workroom.

My name is Ahfeeyah C. Thomas and I am the Founder of The Workroom. I am excited for this moment & space in time where women can create, connect and collaborate in so many amazing ways. We are defying the odds, storming the boardrooms and redefining our power.

 Women are my passion. I am a Feminist and supporter of ALL things women, and I am pretty sure you are too. 

My background is in professional and business development. I've worked over the last 10 years as a Career Coach & Business Strategist, helping individuals create their success plan. About 4 years ago, I answered my call to exclusively serve women and I have never been happier. 

The Workroom is my love child and a place where women can find the support they need. More than real estate, we are investors in people, in women. I hope you'll find your home with us and help us to continue building a world where, All men and WOMEN are created equal!



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Our Vision

We're creating a modern, minimalist, open co-working space with comfort and opportunity for connecting and collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs.

Building a space with the needs of women in mind. Whether it's our concierge service or our all-inclusive meeting rooms. We are taking the time to create a space that provides women the tools + resources they need to be successful in business. Take a sneak peak inside and learn more about how you can get involved in building the space. Our Founding Members enjoy VIP access to all events, partner discounts, business promotion, discounted space rental. 

Partners, Supporters + Friends

We are so grateful for the women and men that are helping us bring this vision to life. The Workroom exists and will continue to exist simply because of the individuals, small businesses, + corporations that support the vision of empowering women and creating a space that allows women to bring their wildest dreams to reality. A space that supports women, provides opportunity + promotes their accomplishments, services + products. As one of our partners + supporters we promise to take you with us as we climb to greatness. Take a look at one of the many ways we said thank you to one of our very first supporters here.