The Workroom is an exclusive community of Female Founders and Startups in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Our community offers an on-line and in-person experience that provides a supportive, safe and thriving environment where the needs of the female entrepreneur and her team are our priority.


Our mission

We are creating a space for women and those who support us. The Workroom is a sisterhood community of women entrepreneurs committed to smashing through glass ceilings, creating goals and strategic planning surrounding the issues that women face each and every day in corporate and business arenas.

The Workroom is a place where women create the change they want to see in the world and cultivate lasting relationships, friendships + partnerships.

We got tired of asking for a seat at the table and decided to build our own.

"The biggest challenge my female clients face today is garnering support from other women. My advice to women worldwide is to support and empower each other, starting with our basic principles of who we are — our morals, values, integrity. We must be just. Be humbled, show togetherness, passion, excellence and enthusiasm toward laying the foundation for our progress through our work." -Nadidah Coveney,

Classes +


The Workroom is more than just real estate. Our team is committed to ensuring women not only have a space to start and grow their business but also the resources to ensure they are successful, so we’ve created bi-weekly accelerated co-working sessions for our members as well as free learning experiences with experts throughout the month.

Creating is fun and with our learning experience and offerings for women entrepreneurs, you never have to create alone, ever again!

Co-working + CoMMUNITY

We'd love to welcome you to join us for the most amazing co-working community experience. The Workroom is a community where we as women work together and grow together. We'd love to connect with you + connect you with some of our awesome Boss Babes in Business.

collaboration + support

Women entrepreneurs are making a mark in business and we want you to be a part of the movement.

You don't have to do it alone. In fact, we promise not to let you. Our women entrepreneurs are supporting each other and collaborating on various projects as we build this amazing space together.

Let us help you build! Let's build together.

Coming Soon... 2019

Building a space with the needs of women in mind. Whether it's our concierge service or our all-inclusive meeting rooms. We are taking the time to create a space that provides women the tools + resources they need to be successful in business. Take a sneak peak inside and learn more about how you can get involved in building the space. Our Founding Members enjoy VIP access to all events, partner discounts, business promotion, discounted space rental. 


Our Vision

We're creating a modern, minimalist, open co-working space with comfort and opportunity for connecting and collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs.

Let's Make Magic!

We're creating a workplace and workspace for women. We've decided to stop asking for a seat at the table and to create one. 

The Workroom solves the immediate need for a space in Boston where women can gather, create, and collaborate. It provides progress in creating a solution that answers the need for women’s access to funding, capital and opportunity. Today there are over 11 million women-led businesses in the United States, who employ nearly 9 million and generate approximately $1.7 trillion in sales, yet the Senate reports that women face unequal access to funding & mentorship and take longer to grow because of these challenges.

Women in Boston and beyond are faced with many obstacles and much like in corporate they face discrimination, lack of opportunity and lack of options. We are asking for your help to create progress for women. We can’t continue to ask for the jobs we want. We must create them. We cant continue to ask for a fair workplace but instead must create one for us and others. 

The Workroom is created with the needs of women in mind! Flexible work schedules for our staff + resources for the working mom. 

Are you ready to experience The Workroom? Join us for an upcoming co-working session!



There are a number of ways to support us as we build this space and no matter which way you choose we are grateful for your decision to join the movement of creating change for women entrepreneurs.